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Called is the Internets first completely FREE Comprehensive Phone Number Search Engine. Called's Reverse Phone Lookup functions much like a personal caller-ID system, and can identify the owner of a phone number the majority of time in the United States. Called’s Reverse Phone propietary technology aggregates hundreds of millions of listed landline, mobile, or cell phone records and potentially presents the owner's full Complete Name, Emails, Photos, and/or other information that may be associated with the Phone Number. Use Called to find your long lost friend or your loved one by entering his/her Phone Number. If you do not remember the person's exact phone number, you can browse through Called's extenisve Reverse Phone Directory by locating the area code first, then the 6-digit phone prefix second.
Called was founded in 2007 with the Mission of providing FREE Reverse Phone and Caller ID lookups in an easily searchable user friendly manner. Called functions much like a 'Search Engine', users enter in the search bar an entire Phone Number or a partial Phone Number and are provided with fast accurate results.
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